I read The Baltimore Banner article about the proposed $500 million Harborplace redevelopment project. The headline rightly stated that “City residents have plenty of questions about proposed Harborplace overhaul.” But after reading the article, I came away feeling that no one is asking city officials and those touting the project the right questions.

I would like to know why such a huge investment should be devoted to luxury housing and to restaurants and other attractions aimed at tourists. I would also like to know about any strategy being put into place to ensure these potential downtown visitors are protected from being harmed or having their vehicles stolen while they seek to enjoy these amenities. Drawing people back to Harborplace will require more than expensive redevelopment. Visitors will want to know that they can spend their evenings or any other times there without fear of being terrorized.

I can think of ways for such a large investment to be beneficial to all of Baltimore and not just to the affluent. More funds need to be allocated to the schools, where children are failing proficiency tests. More recreational facilities are needed across the city. Baltimore needs to establish more outlets and opportunities for developing the talents and skills of our young people.

I realize I’m just a grieving mom trying to navigate life four months after my daughter, Aaliyah Gonzalez, was shot and killed at a block party. My daughter was a visitor, and she lost her life. And I have real concerns and a vested interest.

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Krystal Gonzalez, Glen Burnie

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