Moore urged to bring policy balance; visitor disappointed to find BMA closed on King Holiday

Published 1/19/2023 6:00 a.m. EST

Gov. Wes Moore is sworn into office by Chief Justice Matthew Fader during his inauguration as the First African-American governor for the State of Maryland, at the Maryland State House, in Annapolis, MD, Wednesday, January 18, 2023.

Gov. Moore would do well to practice the art of balance

As Gov. Wes Moore takes the reins of Maryland’s executive branch, and as the Maryland General Assembly has gotten underway, Maryland Democrats have gotten what they have sorely missed during the past eight years — full control over the levers of government.

From supermajorities in both legislative chambers, to control over every county executive office in Central Maryland, to 9-to-1 dominance in federal offices, it seems with the election of Wes Moore that the electoral dominance is complete, and Democrats will be able to do anything they want over the next four years.

The last time a Democrat resided in the State House coupled with an emboldened General Assembly saw a record 40 tax increases levied on the citizens of Maryland.

From the musings so far from Annapolis, it seems the General Assembly is intent on revisiting its spend-first, think-later policy. This rush to spending includes the Blueprint for Maryland’s Future Act, which will increase the tax burden on Maryland families, including income taxes, property taxes or an increase in the sales tax.

It is no secret that Wes Moore appears to have higher aspirations and would like to make a run for the Oval Office. The way he governs Maryland will determine how much of a real opportunity he will have running for president.

Will Wes Moore balance the wishes of the General Assembly to pursue its spending mandate? Will he veto some or even a few spending bills? Can he prove to the people of Maryland, and the country, that he is a fiscally pragmatic liberal?

If he can find balance, Wes Moore may find himself sitting in the Oval Office one day. If not, his career after Maryland governor will be similar to those of Martin O’Malley and Parris Glendening.

Tony Campbell, Towson

Tony Campbell is a faculty member at the Towson University department of political science.

Disappointing to find BMA closed on King Holiday

Jessica Bell Brown gives attendees a walkthrough of Baltimore Museum of Art's exhibition, "A Movement in Every Direction: Legacies of the Great Migration." The exhibition showcases artists whose work tells the personal stories and widespread impact of the Great Migration.

I provide a host house for the St. Ambrose Housing Aid Center in Baltimore. I host young adults who are homeless and awaiting vouchers from the Department of Social Services. In my capacity, I like to introduce and give fresh eyes to my guests in educational enlightenment, such as traveling, maintenance of a home, shopping experiences and self-care awareness.

I am writing to say how disappointed my houseguest and I were to find the Baltimore Museum of Art closed on the Martin Luther King Jr. Day holiday and day of observance. I eagerly anticipated the prospect of a visit on that day to observe the Great Migration exhibition, which will end Jan. 29. While the BMA operates on a Wednesday through Sunday schedule, opening on the King holiday would have provided a great way to spend the day with my young people. They would have received a history lesson about how African Americans traveled from the segregated South to cites across the U.S. for better employment opportunities. I also selected the museum because of its free admission and Gertrude’s restaurant.

I would like to see all museum admissions in Baltimore become free, or reduced in cost, on holidays. Most importantly for me, I would love to see African American exhibits available to the public on days such as the King holiday. I believe this action would provide a greater perspective, more visitation, and educational, historical and overall awareness of the city and the world. The Great Migration exhibition would have been an excellent stop for visitors on the very significant holiday of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.

Morning KimBorough, Baltimore

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