Art Rewind: Recapping the Banner’s favorite images of July 2022

Published on: August 12, 2022 at 6:00 am EDT

Updated on: August 12, 2022 at 9:41 am EDT

The Mammoth Fireworks Show in Catonsville.

Each month, the Baltimore Banner will curate some of our favorite images from the previous four weeks or so; that’ll include photographs and illustrations from both our team of staffers and our wide pool of freelance contributors. Interested in freelancing for the Banner? Email photo editor Kirk McKoy and you might see yourself on this list in the near future as well.

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The Mammoth Fireworks Show in Catonsville.
7/8/22—A squeegee worker cleans a windshield at the corner of E Lombard St. & President St.
Liquid Earth Philly Cheese Fake.
"He's my Son" say a very choked up Tavon Scott Sr. (right) with attorney J. Wyndal gordon (left) and Tonia McClain (subjects grandmother).  Scott's son os being held on a First-Degree manslaughter charge.
Baltimore City State's Attorney candidate Ivan Bates (center) watches results come in with Rachel Rice (left), Marvin James and Adelaide Sudbrink at Bates' election night event Tuesday night. Maryland held its primary election on Tuesday, July 19.
Wes Moore, Democratic Gubernatorial candidate, speaks to supporters at R. House on July 19.
Baltimore experimental hip-hop duo Infinity Knives & Brian Ennals.
My partner texted a photo of our son with his vaccination card. That was quick!
Ballot counters remove ballots from the envelopes.
Carleen Goodridge says a feeling drew her to Baltimore, so she moved.