Saturday afternoon was filled with the colors and sounds of the Creative Alliance’s Día de Muertos parade, which marched down Eastern Avenue in Southeast Baltimore. Day of the Dead festivities, normally observed each year from Nov. 1 through Nov. 2, honor the loved ones who’ve passed away in a celebratory, joyous fashion - rather than one filled with mourning and sorrow. Día de Muertos originates from Mexico, though you can find folks who celebrate the holiday all over the world (particularly in places with larger Mexican populations). The Creative Alliance event Saturday featured live music, traditional art, food and dance performances.

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The Artesanas, a Creative Alliance group of female artists from Latin American countries, welcomed the community with home-made hot chocolate and a giant altar, or ofrenda, honoring the deceased with pictures, candles, tamales, cempasúchil flowers and other offerings. Pan de muerto, calavera and flower-making workshops provided ways for Baltimore’s Mexican community to celebrate one of their biggest holidays of the year, and teach the broader Baltimore community about their traditions, art and culture.

Baltimore Banner freelancer Julia Reihs met with some of them to learn more about the holiday, and captured some of the most vibrant moments from the Creative Alliance celebration. Watch the video above, and scroll through the gallery below.