Lt. Gov. Aruna Miller is a dog person — so it should be no surprise that she and her family have just welcomed a new puppy into their lives.

Poe, an about 4-month-old Australian shepherd, came from Whiteford in Harford County about two weeks ago. She was the last of the litter, Miller said.

In the Miller household, Poe joins Hachiko, another Australian shepherd who is about 2 years old, Miller said.

Lt. Gov. Aruna Miller and Poe, her family's new dog. (Courtesy photo/Aruna Miller)

“They’re getting along so good that they’re terrorizing our house right now,” Miller said.

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Poe and Hachiko — Hachi for short — became a part of Miller’s family following a period when the family had four dogs living in the house. The last of those four died in 2023.

“You know, when a dog leaves your home, it’s like 100 people left your home. [There’s] so much silence and emptiness and darkness,” Miller said. So they rescued Hachi, and then Hachi needed a friend.

And, yes, Poe is named for Edgar Allan. One of Miller’s daughters had the idea. Plus, it’s a short, easy name.

“She’s an itty-bittty dog,” Miller said. “A small name for a tiny dog.”

Lt. Gov Aruna Miller's new puppy, Poe, has an energetic and sometimes destructive side. (Courtesy photo/Aruna Miller)

Poe hasn’t met Gov. Wes Moore’s dog Tucker yet, but Miller said that will definitely “be a moment to remember.”

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In an email statement, Moore said he was thrilled to welcome Poe to the administration.

”I know Tucker is going to be thrilled that he has a new friend to run around the State House with. We’re grateful that our family will get to spend some more time together with Lieutenant Governor Miller and her family with our furry friends,” Moore said.

Miller said she and her husband, David, have enjoyed running around in their yard with Poe — and on at least one occasion had to chase her around the garage to get her back inside.

Shortly after the family brought Poe home, Miller said, she did a “flying leap” into a koi pond in the backyard. Miller said she was shocked when it happened.

“We learned she knows how to swim, and she knows how to pull herself out,” Miller said. “[But] she didn’t like it, because we gave her a bath immediately.”

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Lt. Gov. Aruna Miller and her family's dog Hachiko. (Courtesy photo/Aruna Miller)

Poe is also extremely smart, Miller said. That makes sense. The American Kennel Club describes the breed as “intelligent, “brainy” and “tireless.”

“She could be in Mensa,” Miller said, laughing. “We got those dog puzzles for her, and she solves them in a matter of minutes. She’s a brilliant dog. Not to brag.”

Miller said she and her family, including her three adult daughters, all have pets. Nothing compares to the love of a pet, Miller said, especially to a dog.

“I just want to say, to anyone that doesn’t have a dog in their life, they’re really missing out. I’m so loved. I wish every human being could have a dog in their home,” Miller said.

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