Moore family looking for a hypoallergenic rescue dog to join them in Annapolis

Published 1/18/2023 7:22 p.m. EST, Updated 1/18/2023 8:24 p.m. EST

Mia Moore, James Moore, Dawn Moore, and Gov. Wes Moore during his inauguration as the First African-American governor for the State of Maryland, at the Maryland State House, in Annapolis, MD, Wednesday, January 18, 2023.

Maryland Gov. Wes Moore and his wife Dawn Flythe Moore have promised their children that a pet dog will join them at the governor’s mansion in Annapolis.

But they’re still looking for the perfect furry addition to their family.

The promise of a pet pup was made to win the support of children Mia and James for their father’s campaign for governor. If Moore won, the family would get a dog.

The Moores told reporters on Wednesday night that the search for the dog is still in the works. It turns out the family has some challenges.

“There’s only a couple of gating criteria,” the governor said. “One is the first lady is allergic, which makes this whole thing fascinating. So the dog has to be hypoallergenic. ... and it has to be a dog they agree to.”

Dawn Moore said she’s hopeful the family can find a hypoallergenic rescue dog. “There may be rescue dogs that are also hypoallergenic, so we’re going to start there,” she said. “And then I’m sure the kids will fall in love with the one that’s supposed to come home with them.”

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