Tuesday’s election was a test of Maryland’s Democratic-controlled General Assembly. Democrats currently hold 99 seats in the House of Delegates and 32 seats in the state Senate — large enough majorities in both houses to overturn a veto.

Here’s a roundup of some of the most interesting General Assembly results from Tuesday.

Vote counts represent preliminary election results with some precincts still counting Election Day and mail-in ballots.

State Senate District 9, representing Howard and Montgomery counties

Democratic incumbent Sen. Katie Fry Hester appears to be holding onto her seat in the closely watched race for District 9. Hester had narrowly defeated Republican Sen. Gail Bates in 2018, flipping the district — which had represented Howard and Carroll counties at the time — from red to blue. After the redistricting process, she now represents Howard and Montgomery counties. A margin of about eight points separated Hester from her Republican opponent, Del. Reid Novotny, according to preliminary election results with 39 of 39 election day precincts reporting.

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State Senate District 33, representing Anne Arundel County

With election results still coming in, it’s a close race between Republican Del. Sid Saab and first-time candidate Democrat Dawn Gile for the open seat in District 33. The seat had been held by Republican Ed Reilly, who recently retired. With 48 of 51 election day precincts reporting, Saab held a five percentage point lead over Gile.

State Senate District 34, representing Harford County

An open seat in Harford County, vacated by Republican Sen. Bob Cassilly, will likely remain in Republican control with candidate Christian Miele leading over Democratic opponent Mary-Dulany James in the race for District 34. With 37 of 37 election day precincts reporting, Miele had 53.6% of votes and James had 46.2% of votes.

House of Delegates District 2B, representing Washington County

The race for District 2B is a close one between incumbent Republican Del. Brenda Thiam and Democratic challenger Brooke Grossman. Grossman received 50.2% of votes and Thiam had 49.7% with 15 of 15 election day precincts reported.

House of Delegates District 8, representing Baltimore County

It appears Democrats are positioned to take all three seats in District 8, a currently mixed district held by two Democrats and one Republican. Democratic candidate Nick Allen would join incumbents Harry Bhandari and Carl Jackson in representing the Baltimore County district. Bhandari (20.2%), Jackson (19.4%), and Allen (18.3%) had leads over their Republican opponents Kathleen Smero (14.3%), Timothy Neubauer (13.8%) and Glen Geelhaar (13.9%), with 31 of 34 election day precincts reported.

House of Delegates District 29B, representing St. Mary’s County

Incumbent Democratic Del. Brian Crosby held a lead over Republican challenger Deb Rey as election results rolled in for District 29B. The two candidates faced each other once before four years ago, when Crosby unseated Rey. Crosby received 51.6% of the vote, compared with Rey’s 48.3%, with 11 of 11 election day precincts reported.

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House of Delegates District 34A, representing Harford County

A competitive race for two seats representing Harford County, currently held by two Democrats, may result in a mixed district. With mail-in ballots still being counted, the top two vote-getters were Democratic candidate Andre Johnson (27.9%) and Republican candidate Glen Glass (25.7%), who formerly served in the House of Delegates. Incumbent Democrat Del. Steve Johnson followed with 24.4% of the vote and Republican candidate Teresa Walter received 21.9%, with 25 of 25 election day precincts reported.

Baltimore Banner reporter Pamela Wood contributed to this article.


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