Activists filed business complaints alleging Gov. Larry Hogan has business conflicts. Two years later, they have no answers.

Pamela Wood
May 13, 2022
Not long after Gov. Larry Hogan was sworn in as governor on a snowy day in Annapolis in 2015, the questions started: How would the owner of a real estate development firm ensure that his governing decisions wouldn’t unfairly benefit his company?
The Republican governor reached an agreement with state ethics officials to maintain ownership of the Hogan Cos. through a trust, but allowed his brother to run the business. Hogan is allowed to receive periodic updates about the business.
Hogan also filed his required annual financial disclosures and voluntarily shared copies of his tax returns when he ran for re-election in 2018, showing he made significantly more than just his $180,000 salary as governor.

But those steps offered an incomplete picture of the governor’s business maneuvers and never satisfied critics of the governor’s arrangement with his company...
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