Continuing Education Conferences offer business professionals a range of benefits, including skill development, relationship building, exposure to innovations and ideas, and personal growth. Annual workforce development training and professional education propel individuals to the forefront of advances in their specialty, providing a platform for connecting with colleagues, increased confidence and job security, career advancement, and personal fulfillment.

Maryland State Bar Association’s 2023 Legal Excellence Week (LEW) presents members of the legal community with incomparable opportunities to learn cutting-edge techniques in law and connect or reunite with peers. MSBA’s Legal Excellence Week is a one-of-a-kind, fully accredited learning event bringing together leading topics, prominent speakers, and valuable networking opportunities. LEW will be hosted in person on November 13-15th, 2023 at Live! Casino and Hotel in Hanover, MD.

Legal Excellence Week features three educationally packed days of premier CLE programs from a variety of practice areas, including unique mingling opportunities, and a chance to connect with legal services vendors. LEW offers members a thoughtfully curated learning platform designed to broaden their expertise, cultivate connections, and uphold the Maryland legal profession. Elevate your legal practice and sign up today!

Here are a sampling of hot topics scheduled for MSBA’s upcoming Legal Excellence Week you don’t want to miss:

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The Legal Community and Artificial Intelligence

Lawyers and AI, or artificial intelligence, are increasingly intersecting in the legal profession as AI technologies can transform various aspects of legal practice, making it more efficient and accessible. AI-powered tools can significantly speed up legal research by analyzing volumes of legal texts, case law, and statutes to find relevant information and precedents. AI is also utilized to predict legal outcomes based on historical data. This can help lawyers and clients assess the potential risks and benefits of pursuing legal actions, such as the likelihood of winning a case or settling it out of court. Contract Analysis and Generation is also an area of focus in which AI-powered document analysis tools can quickly extract key terms from contracts, review for compliance, and even generate basic contracts based on predefined templates.

You can learn more about this topic and more on Jon Day 3 of the MSBA Legal Excellence Week as it presents an all-new event, Business Law & Technology: What Transactional Lawyers Need to Know About AI and Cybersecurity, on Wednesday, November 15, 2023 at 9:00 a.m. Experienced faculty will share an overview of the technical aspects of AI and how it can be used by transactional lawyers; practical applications and pitfalls for a firm considering incorporating AI into its workflows; copyright issues related to AI-created content; and more. Distinguished speakers include Ward Classen, Esq., Sparta Systems, Janet Fries, Esq., Faegre Drinker Biddle & Reath, Carolyn Elefant, Esq., The Law Offices of Carolyn Elefant, PLLC, Matthew D. Kohel, Esq. Saul Ewing LLP, and Patrick McCloskey, RPLU, CPLP, USI Affinity.

Maryland State Bar Members meet and mingle with colleagues and friends at Legal Excellence Week. (Maryland State Bar Association)

What Legalized Cannabis Could Mean for Your Maryland Child Custody Case

On July 1, 2023, Maryland joined the growing list of states that legalized recreational marijuana. The legalization of marijuana has far-reaching implications for Marylanders, not only concerning the criminal justice system but also for the legal landscape surrounding child custody cases. One of the most significant questions raised by the legalization of recreational marijuana is how it affects parental rights. In the past, a parent’s use of marijuana could be used against them in a child custody dispute. Following the legalization of recreational marijuana use, however, consumption of cannabis by a parent may no longer serve as adequate grounds to limit their custody rights, provided they use the substance responsibly and in compliance with state law.

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Legalizing recreational marijuana in Maryland has undoubtedly introduced a new layer of complexity to child custody cases. You can learn more about how recent changes in the law could impact your client’s rights and obligations during What Legalized Cannabis Could Mean for Your Maryland Child Custody Case on November 15, 2023, at 9:00 a.m. - part of Hot Tips in Family Law presented during MSBA’s Legal Excellence Week. The panel discussion, featuring Erin Kopelman, Esq., of Lerch, Early, and Brewer, Krystle Acevedo-Howard, Esq., of Rodier Family Law, P.A., and Barbara Wood, Ph.D., MAC, will shed light on the potential implications of marijuana use in Maryland child custody cases in light of the new law.

Where preparation meets opportunity - Maryland State Bar Association attendees listen to panelists at MSBA’s Legal Excellence Week. (Maryland State Bar Association)

Economic Forecasting in the Context of Commercial Real Estate

Commercial real estate attorneys should understand the financial risks associated with potential transactions and anticipate market trends to help their clients make well-informed investment decisions. While no one can predict the future, economic forecasting is an essential part of any commercial real estate practice. Forecasting in the context of commercial real estate involves an analysis of various economic factors, like interest rates, inflation, unemployment rates, and consumer spending, to gauge the overall health and direction of the economy. These factors impact the demand for commercial space, influencing occupancy, rental, and property values.

In today’s commercial real estate environment, economic forecasting is critical. Fortunately, the MSBA provides its members access to seasoned experts who can offer valuable insight into market trends and the economy’s direction. On November 13, 2023, Brian Gould, Managing Director of the Berkadia mortgage banking platform in Washington, D.C., will present Economic Forecasting, discussing foreseeable interest rates, lending patterns, and other financial issues impacting the commercial real estate sector. Gould arranges loans and JV Equity for commercial real estate owners and developers on various properties, including multifamily, single-family rental, industrial, retail, office, self-storage, and more. The Economic Forecasting seminar is one of several programs presented during the Advanced Real Property Institute - part of the MSBA’s Legal Excellence Week.

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