Record-breaking games, getting caught on the Jumbotron, catching foul balls, proposals, first games, special celebrations ... Oriole Park at Camden Yards is full of memories. Since the ballpark is celebrating its 30th anniversary August 4-6, we asked Baltimore Banner readers to share their memories with us.

Check out their stories below. The responses have been edited for clarity.

Sandy Davis Brennan

This was the Yankees vs. O’s game on April 15. It was a group baseball game organized by us, Citizens of Pigtown.

A Citizens of Pigtown group at Camden Yards, posing in the stands with signage that spells out "Pigtown hearts Orioles." Citizens of Pigtown is a neighborhood association that represents residents and businesses.

David Queen

I actually begged my dad to take me downtown to see the construction site. As a huge Orioles fan, I was so excited about the new stadium being built. We slipped through the fence that July day to take the pic. LOL! That was 1991 and I was 13 years-old.

A young David Queen at the Camden Yards construction site in 1991.

Skip Nees

Our 40th wedding anniversary, July 12, 2015, was also Hawaiian shirt day. (Photo 3 in gallery:) I took my daughters to the construction site.

Steve James

I was fortunate to be able to attend the first game in Camden Yards down the first base line in Section 10, Row SS. It was a thrill to see Rick Sutcliffe throw a shutout in under two hours. There are many memories from games at Camden Yards. Standouts include being at both games 2030 on September 5, 1995 and 2131 on September 6, 1995. Hot nights making history! Also going to the playoff game against the Tigers on October 3, 2014 where Delmon Young drove in the winning runs with a clutch pinch hit double. That was the loudest I have ever heard a crowd cheer in Camden Yards. But my most fun memory is being able to catch the first pitch from my daughter Meredith after she had won the Orioles “Have a Catch” contest in June 2018.

Steve James and daughter Meredith at Camden Yards in June 2018.

Nancy Collins

Working in the warehouse at the Lippincott Williams & Wilkins offices, game days were electric. Although employees had to park in a garage on Pratt Street on game days (the employee parking wasn’t available), the walk to the warehouse on game days was fun. The area had a party atmosphere. Arriving in the a.m., the aroma of the pit beef cooking was in the air, the music was loud, and during the day there were rehearsals for the singing of the national anthem. So many times we would hear the song again, and again, and again.

At the end of the game, from my window on the 4th floor I could see where the players parked. And I could see the crowds of fans, parents with children, huddling around the fence for autographs and handshakes.

Really nice memories of summer game days at Camden Yards.

Penny Baker

My grandchildren were all members of the Junior Orioles Dugout Club. I was there with one grandson and we ran into his cousins and their parents on the concourse. We saw a lot of games and had a lot of good times.

Luke Stewart, Sadie Baker and Derek Baker at Camden Yards in 2013.

Rick K.

I actually worked at Camden Yards in 1995 as a college student, specifically because I knew I would be at the ballpark the night Cal broke Lou Gehrig’s record.

The nights of 2130 and 2131, I worked in a special concession stand that was set up in the now-statue area behind the bullpen. The place was PACKED, more than I had ever seen even to this point, and the atmosphere was something else.

From where I was at the stand I was able to see Cal taking part of his lap around the field, and still have a ticket stub someone left behind for the bullpen party that night. I also ended up with copies of the “Stadium Extra” edition of The Sun, one that my parents got framed.

A photo of a ticket from a September 5, 1995 bullpen event.

Michael G. Sievers

I watched my beloved Orioles when Camden Yards opened in 1992. This is my essay about that week.

Leslie Zimmerman

Back on Mother’s Day, 1993, I was a single mom of an eight-year-old daughter and a six-year-old son, finishing up my last semester of nursing school. The kids had pooled their money to treat us to an Orioles game. It was a beautiful day for the game and we were so excited to celebrate. We got to the ticket counter and they asked, “Three bleacher seats, please.”

Our faces must have fallen when the attendant replied “all sold out,” because as we lumbered away he called out “Mom!” and motioned us back up to the front of the line. Very quietly he says to us, “Good news! We just had a player turn in his family tickets and they are yours for the cost of the bleacher seats.”

The kids put their money on the counter, received our tickets and grinned as this kind gentleman gave me back the “change” — the entire cost of the bleacher seat tickets. Now I don’t know how or why, but we were seated within 10 rows behind home plate! With the exception of Mike Devereaux’s awful hit in the face by a pitch, we thoroughly enjoyed my best Mother’s Day present ever.

Courtney O’Malley and Danny O’Malley at Camden Yards in 1995.

Phyllis H. Panopoulos

My husband Michael and I were married April 6, 1992 at the Towson Courthouse. We took the inaugural light rail ride to Camden Yards and had our reception with 44,568 fans for the first Orioles game played there. OPACY is a very special place to us! We now have a “floating” anniversary ... whenever it is the Orioles’ home opener!

Tom Oleszewski

Pulled my son from school and went to opening day.

A framed Orioles pennant, tickets to the opening day game on April 6, 1992 and a print of an opening day poster.

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