When Michael Locksley delivers a postgame speech to his team, he finds himself trying to hold two opposite ideas at the same time.

His Terps are undefeated, but that distinction comes after four flawed victories, none of which has reached the standard the coach and his team use to measure themselves.

The task of wrangling with that dissonance gnaws at Locksley. Running off the field right after the game, he often focuses on what his team didn’t do — pushing for more rather than appreciating the win. It’s a tough message to balance and deliver, especially in the immediate aftermath of a 60-minute battle.

“The perfect game is winning and meeting our standard, and we haven’t had any of those yet,” Locksley said. “In a perfect world, I’d like to get rid of press conferences after. I’d like to get the camera out of the locker room.

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“When I look at it, I feel like crap because here we just won and all I’m talking about is, ‘We didn’t meet the standard, we didn’t do this, we didn’t do that.’ You know what, this generation of players, I don’t know if they’re motivated that way. So I’ve got to check myself. We always talk about accountability. It goes both ways.”

Maryland’s win over Michigan State featured inconsistent play that belied the Terps’ 22-point margin of victory. Locksley’s postgame speech reflected that.

He started with appreciation, congratulating his players for a Big Ten road win and telling them they were the first Terps team to beat the Spartans in East Lansing since 1950.

Then came the push for more.

“With that being said, we still know it wasn’t very clean, man. … I hate coming in here talking about the things we didn’t do when we had opportunities. I hate coming in here saying what we could’ve done when we won,” he said.

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Locksley followed a similar script after his team’s win over Virginia. He praised his squad for finishing its nonconference slate undefeated. But the Terps went down 14-0 for the second straight week before roaring back — that too was reflected in his comments.

“Wasn’t pretty, we didn’t start the way we like to, but you damn sure finished strong,” he said. “But I’m going to tell you right now, you’re going to need a lot better effort from the beginning on the road when we start conference play.”

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The Terps gave up just nine points to Michigan State. But, as Locksley strode off the field, he instead focused on his team’s inability to stop the run and prevent third-down conversions — partially because he knew he’d face questions about them from the media.

“I’m not going to let you all get me down this rabbit hole of being a negative coach, and I feel like I’m starting down it,” he said.

He’s still working to solidify his message to Maryland in the aftermath of imperfect wins.

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“I need to check myself at times, especially right after a game where we won. … We overcame adversity in two games prior to this one [against Michigan State].

“We played fast and met the standard that you guys and our fans would like, but then we didn’t finish and I’m focusing on that. So I’m going to focus on continuing to push that we want to win but we also have a standard that we play to, and I’ll keep pushing that we play to the standard.”