The grandstand was dotted with few attendees as rain soaked Pimlico Race Course early in the day of the running of the 149th Preakness Stakes.

Workers repaint the weathervane at Pimlico Race Course in the winning horse's colors after Seize the Grey won the 149th running of the race, May 18, 2024. (Kylie Cooper)
Rocco Natoli poses for a photo in his United States-themed suit. (Ulysses Muñoz/The Baltimore Banner)
(Kaitlin Newman/The Baltimore Banner)
(Kaitlin Newman/The Baltimore Banner)
A woman adjust her hat after using the restroom in-between races. (Jessica Gallagher/Jessica Gallagher)
A woman gathers her money before betting in-between races. (Jessica Gallagher/Jessica Gallagher)
Seats in the grandstand were going unfilled in the hours leading to the Preakness Stakes. (Jessica Gallagher)
Yomar Ortiz Jr. jumps in celebration as his dad, jockey Yomar Ortiz, wins the second race. (Kylie Cooper/The Baltimore Banner)
An attendee crosses a muddy track ahead of the first race. (Tom Brenner/For the Baltimore Banner)
Attendees wait under shelter as rain falls across the main track. (Tom Brenner/For the Baltimore Banner)
Erin Butler and Ashley Randall cheer for their horse, Saint Johns, during a race. (Kaitlin Newman/The Baltimore Banner)
(Kaitlin Newman/The Baltimore Banner)
A black-eyed Susie cocktail. (Kaitlin Newman/The Baltimore Banner)
Justin Nurin plays the bugle. (Kaitlin Newman/The Baltimore Banner)
A woman in a large hat enjoys a cocktail. (Kaitlin Newman/The Baltimore Banner)
Attendees walk to the seats on Preakness Day. (Tom Brenner/For the Baltimore Banner)
Horses are reflected against safety glass as attendees watch from an elevated seating deck. (Tom Brenner/For the Baltimore Banner)
Tracey Rawlings, left, is assisted by her mother, Mary Schorr, both from Pennsylvania, while donning rain ponchos on Preakness Day. (Tom Brenner/For the Baltimore Banner)
A man flips through a betting book. (Ulysses Muñoz/The Baltimore Banner)
Ronnie Graves, John Engelkemier and Ande Graves watch the fifth race. (Ulysses Muñoz/The Baltimore Banner)
Spectators watch the screens inside Pimlico.