SARASOTA, Fla. — Maverick Handley was more nervous for this than he probably should have been, but he and his group of conspirators had practiced it only once before the show, and that was an hour before.

They knew their roles only loosely ahead of the Orioles’ annual spring training talent show. Some in the group wore black bodysuits; others donned a colorful getup that included pool noodles. In the clubhouse at the Ed Smith Stadium complex, a stage was procured. A black curtain hung. Onstage they went, with the entire Orioles clubhouse staring at them.

And they were great.

“Stole the show,” infielder Connor Norby said.

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Handley led a group that featured catchers Silas Ardoin, Samuel Basallo and David Bañuelos and pitchers Wandisson Charles and Luis González in a “Matrix”-inspired pingpong act. Handley, a minor league catcher, had watched the original version on YouTube last summer and immediately knew he had to reenact it in front of all his friends.

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“That’s a winner. That’s a winner!” Handley thought, adding: “Don’t, obviously, want to copy it, so we came up with our own kind of moves to it, but the general idea was kind of based off that two-minute YouTube video. The toughest part, I think, was trying to find black Morphsuits that would fit 6-foot-6 Wandisson Charles without being completely see-through.”

The rendition — complete with two pingpong players and a supporting cast to move the table and the ball and to hold up each player — finished in first place.

“It was much better than I was expecting,” Handley said, laughing.

The talent show is only for willing participants. Any player can join, solo or in a group. Or, they can enjoy what their teammates have concocted for them.

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The other acts made for a belly-laugh-worthy display of comedy Wednesday as members of the Orioles clubhouse enjoyed the team-building event. Adley Rutschman has watched four of these, and he thought the mixture of absurdity and sincerity made this “probably the best one I’ve seen.”

“There’s a couple guys with a bunch of talent, I can tell you that,” Anthony Santander said. “That show is more [about] fun, have fun. Just have good environment, make the best laugh.”

The laughs continued through some other memorable moments.

Colton Cowser and his group sang Christmas carols. Grayson Rodriguez, Cole Irvin and Keegan Akin worked together to remove the back tires from Tyler Wells’ pickup truck in just six minutes — “They came running back in here with two big tires,” Norby said. To Wells’ relief, they also put the tires back on his truck. Right-hander Seth Johnson played the guitar.

“If we’re going based off hidden talents, he should’ve won,” Norby said, “because he can actually play the guitar, and he’s pretty good at it.”

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And then there were Norby, Jackson Holliday, Coby Mayo and Heston Kjerstad. They reenacted the entire Prestige Worldwide scene from the movie “Step Brothers”, but they had to follow the “Matrix” pingpong skit.

“That hurt watching them go, because we were coming up a couple after,” Norby said. “We thought ours was good. We thought ours was a favorite going in.”

By the time media rolled into the clubhouse Wednesday afternoon, the stage was empty except for the remains of cupcakes on the floor (one player tried to catch them in his mouth as his teammates softly tossed them). Clubhouse attendants vacuumed the remains, then began to disassemble the stage.

It was short-lived. But it will be the talk of the clubhouse for much longer.

“Overall, it’s always a great experience,” Santander said. “Spent 90 minutes together here, just enjoying these guys.”