“Hard Knocks” is finally coming back to Baltimore.

HBO and NFL Films announced Monday that the documentary franchise will feature the Ravens as part of “Hard Knocks: In Season with the AFC North,” the first time the program will focus on an entire NFL division. The first episode will air Dec. 3 at 9 p.m. on HBO and will be available to stream on Max. New episodes will premiere on subsequent Tuesdays through the end of the regular season, covering the division’s final six weeks, and continue into the NFL playoffs.

The 2001 Ravens were the first team featured on “Hard Knocks,” which covered training camp after their Super Bowl XXXV-winning season. An average weekly audience of 1.2 million homes tuned in each week to watch colorful characters like linebacker Ray Lewis and tight end Shannon Sharpe, and a spokesman for HBO at the time called the series “a huge hit for fans who had never seen that part of football before.”

That was the last time the Ravens were featured in the series, which typically follows teams with a first-year head coach or a multiyear postseason drought. Under coach John Harbaugh, the Ravens have made the playoffs five of the past six years, including as division champions last season.

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“Last season the AFC North became the first division ever to have all four teams finish with a winning record, making it the perfect place to launch this new approach to ‘Hard Knocks,’” Keith Cossrow, NFL Films vice president and head of content, said in a release. “We thank the Bengals, Browns, Ravens and Steelers for the opportunity to showcase some of the greatest rivalries in football and present the intensity of a playoff chase from all four corners of this incredibly competitive division.”

Cossrow told the Cincinnati Bengals’ website that teams don’t have editorial control over the program, but in a recent interview on “The Adam Jones Podcast,” Harbaugh said the series’ depictions were “not real.”

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“Everything’s put on,” said Harbaugh, who acknowledged that he doesn’t watch the show. “You got to put a microphone and a camera in your face, people aren’t the same. If they want to bring ‘Hard Knocks’ in here, it wouldn’t bother me one bit, just because I know what I’d tell our guys is, ‘All right, here’s what we’re going to do. We’re going to just be us. We’re going to say what we say. We’re going to do what we do. We’re going to handle it the way we handle it because we’ve got nothing to be ashamed of.’ And we’re not trying to put on a show or an act for anybody.

“And we do have final — we’d better have final editing power on the whole thing. ... I also do think it’s a distraction because you’ve got a camera in your face. You know, [the NBC sitcom] ‘The Office,’ right, it wasn’t real. They really weren’t in the office. That was put on and made up. So there’s always going to be some acting that’s going to go on in that type of scenario. And I just want our guys to get the most out of the day and become the best team they can be.”