Social justice

Schools in Howard and Montgomery counties are not doing enough to ensure that Palestinian and Muslim students are not intimidated or silenced as tensions heighten during the Middle East crisis, parents of those students say.

Maybe your family has this tale, too. Somewhere along the way, one of my ancestors whose family came from Europe married a Cherokee woman. Sometimes it’s a princess in the telling, sometimes it’s not. Whatever the details or how it was told, it was just not true.

Women’s sports continue to draw bigger audiences and deserve a larger presence in network TV coverage, says Skye Merida, the social media manager for the upcoming women’s basketball docuseries, “Can’t Retire From This.”

While Baltimore’s leaders continue to look for ways to lower the city’s murder rate, a flattening of the curve on homicides is evident, Lawrence Brown, an author and research scientist in the Center for Urban Health Equity at Morgan State University, says.