Ralph Jaffe


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(John Baker for The Baltimore Banner)

(John Baker for The Baltimore Banner)

  • Age: 80
  • Resides: Baltimore 
  • Experience: Teacher. Bachelor’s in political science, University of Maryland. Teacher’s certification, Towson University. Master’s equivalency, Loyola College. Retired political science teacher. Has never held public office.
  • Personal: Divorced
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Running mate:

Mark Greben

  • Age: 64  
  • Resides: Towson 


Ralph Jaffe's response:

As a candidate running for office, numerous surveys are sent to me for completion. They vary in content because of the organization they represent, but one thing most of them share — they attempt to limit responses to x number of characters/words and/or space.

For example,  the Baltimore Banner survey contains about 25 different questions.  Most of them call for a “yes or no” response which is  followed by a “please explain”  your answer.

For me, it is very difficult to take an issue and support your yes or no response with an explanation that really does justice to your position using a limited amount of space, characters, and/or words. Complying with these restrictions usually results in words that might sound very popular with the voters but become very meaningless and empty when the time comes for them to be enacted into legislation for the good of the constituents.  

What’s more, there are different degrees of a yes or no reply. Does the individual feel very strongly about the topic when the answer is in the affirmative; or the negative — could the individual be easily persuaded to change his/her position to the opposition.

For these reasons and others I prefer to turn the voter’s attention to my website or Facebook, etc. for a better and clearer picture of who I am and what I stand for rather than rely on a survey that is a “plastic product” at its best.  If voters have any questions about where I stand on any of the issues, they should call me at 410-602-1811.  I will return the calls.

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