Baltimore County’s landfill transforms rotting garbage gas into electricity to combat climate change

Published 12/6/2022 3:43 p.m. EST, Updated 12/6/2022 4:40 p.m. EST

Generators at the Eastern Sanitary Landfill are powered by methane gas.

Editor’s Note: This is WYPR’s second story in ongoing coverage of the environment in Maryland known as Climate Change in Your Backyard. Read and listen to the first story here.

Baltimore County has an ambitious goal: to have 100% of the electricity the county government requires to be derived from renewable resources by 2026. Officials say it’s necessary to slow down its share of the damage greenhouse gasses are doing to the environment. County leaders say they also want to inspire local residents to do their own part to address the climate crisis.

While most renewable energy projects capture energy from the sun, waterways or wind, the county is recycling greenhouse gases produced by rotting garbage at its landfill.

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