BARCS animal shelter waives adoption fees due to lack of space

Published 5/26/2023 1:36 p.m. EDT, Updated 5/26/2023 4:11 p.m. EDT

A dog at the Baltimore Animal Rescue and Care Shelter.
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The Baltimore Animal Rescue and Care Shelter said it has run out of room to accept new animals and is waiving adoption fees in the hopes of creating more space.

In the past week, BARCS has taken in over 300 new animals and has 12 more dogs than it has spaces for, the organization said on social media. The shelter expects even more animals will be brought in on Friday through the city’s animal control unit.

“Without the help of community and peers, our team will be forced to make impossible choices,” the shelter said on social media. “We understand this level of transparency is difficult to take in, but this is our reality when more animals come in than leave.”

The shelter said it is waiving fees adoption fees “immediately” and urging people to consider adopting or fostering a dog.

There are dogs that have already been spayed or neutered and “can leave today,” the shelter said.

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