A black bear was tranquilized after it set up camp for hours in a Northeast Washington, D.C., tree Friday morning.

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Metropolitan Police said around 7:30 a.m., the bear was perched above the 1300 block of Franklin Street. Street closures were made as authorities prepared to confront the wild animal in the nation’s capital.

The bear stayed in the tree as police, animal control — and neighbors — gathered until about 9:50 a.m., which is when it climbed down.

Shortly after 10 a.m., police said the bear was successfully tranquilized by the Humane Rescue Alliance, a D.C.-based animal shelter and advocacy organization.

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A veterinarian from the National Zoo was on the scene and the Maryland Department of National Resources assisted, police said.

Earlier Friday, Twitter user @Miss_J_Lilly caught a bear on camera crossing the street at 14th Street NE and Monroe in the District. She said she called authorities.

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Residents in Howard County, Catonsville and Windsor Mill have reported seeing a black bear roaming in their neighborhoods in recent weeks.

The Maryland Department of Natural Resources said bear sightings like these are on the rise. Residents can expect to see more bears in the area because they breed in June and July, and the young juvenile bears are in search of their new home range, the agency said.

It wasn’t immediately clear how old the D.C. bear is.

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“Generally black bears are docile,” Brian Eyler, associated director of Maryland DNR, told WJZ this week. “They are not aggressive. We’re not talking about a grizzly bear — just slowly move away. Just be calm and be steady. The bear doesn’t want anymore to do with us than we want to do with the bear.”

The Humane Rescue Alliance said the bear was transported to be released in Maryland.

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