From the NICU to an HBCUs (historically Black colleges and universities), a set of Baltimore triplets born severely premature are now getting ready to start college together.

With the help of their supportive parents, the trio not only made it into dozens of schools, they used hard work and a lot of scholarship essays to keep their dreams alive.

Sharnetta Hicks had a high-risk pregnancy when her three surprise miracles were born.

“I hear from the doctor, I should have died within 24 hours,” Hicks said.

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One minute apart. Severely premature, each weighed less than two pounds.

They were so small that their hands could fit through the wedding band of their father, Tony Hicks Sr.

“We were doing 900 diapers a month, 900 bottles a month,” Tony Hicks Sr. said. “You had six potties, three upstairs and three downstairs. We had seven car seats.”

And over nearly two decades, the Hicks’ family buckled up and got their three miracles ready for the rides of a lifetime.

The parents kept their triplets focused on their faith and academics to accomplish their dreams to attend college together.

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“They’ve told me stories about the struggles they’ve gone through and how my mom wasn’t able to finish college, but then she was able to go back. And she wanted us to push through, so I’m doing it for her and I’m doing it for my dad because he wasn’t able to finish college,” daughter Sanai Hicks said.

“Mom wants the best for all of us and taught us to want the best out of ourselves,” son Tony Hicks Jr. said.

And so this team of five put in the work, writing endless scholarship essays and manifesting their dreams of going to college together.

“It’s very expensive for one child, let alone three, so they expressed numerous times ... you have to be on top of your scholarships,” daughter Morgan Hicks said.

Morgan and Sanai are now attending Spelman College in Atlanta, while brother Tony Jr. is just across the street at Morehouse College.

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It’s the ultimate return on investment that any parent could ask for.

“I feel like being able to do this and actually being from Baltimore shows that you can do this, you just have to put in the work,” Sanai Hicks said.

“And not only giving us what we need, but giving us more than what we need,” Tony Hicks Jr. said.

“And I’ve taught that to my kids,” Sharnetta Hicks said. “When everything just seems messed up, just know that something great is around the corner.”

And the future biomedical engineer, the attorney and the aerospace engineer, along with their parents, are making Baltimore proud.

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