How do I introduce myself?
*Who am I?*

It used to be so much easier to answer that question.
I’m an artist, living and working in Baltimore. I have cats, I have a dog, I have a partner.
I have a kid.
Having a kid adds “mom” to everything.

You’re an artist-mom.
You’re a teacher-mom.
You’re a working-mom.
You’re a coffee-mom.
Yes, you’re a wine-mom, too.
It defines us, replaces our name, becomes the first thing that the world sees.
I love being a mom.
I’m PROUD that I’m a mom.

Our bodies and brains have done INCREDIBLE things to achieve this title.
(Regardless of whether you carried your child — the science of parenthood is bananas.)
It is such a BIG important job/journey/choice,
it makes sense that “mom” permeates my entire existence now.

This layer of identity is so sticky, so ever present in how I think of myself now, and how others think of me.
But we contain multitudes, right? And not just different versions of mom-ness (or dad-ness, or caregiver-ness). I’m still the someone I was before. Just with more icing on top. Am I feeling torn, or just buried?
So, how do we find that balance?
How do we permeate the strata

between me, and you

when you made me so much of who I am now?
I know I’m not alone in these complicated feelings, and you’re not either. 

I hope you’ll join me on this journey while I process all the wild feels of pandemic/post-pandemic parenthood, and explore the depth of this relationship. Who are we to our children, our communities, ourselves?

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