I live in Federal Hill and am frequently disturbed by dirt bikers. They ride through Federal Hill Park even while children are playing there. They ride on the sidewalks and the wrong way on one-way streets, posing a hazard to themselves and others. They often disturb the neighborhood late into the night.

The level of noise pollution dirt biking causes diminishes quality of life, raises blood pressure, disturbs sleep and interferes with concentration as well as conversation. Neighborhood residents have a legitimate concern about harms from this form of recreation.

This activity on Baltimore’s streets should not be condoned by city leaders. This is not, and should not be falsely viewed, as a racial issue. Many of the riders I see are white. Their behavior affects the quality of life of people from all backgrounds and from all neighborhoods.

I favor providing a place for riders to perform their stunts and generally enjoy themselves, but that place is not where I live or in the places my grandchildren and I frequent. This is largely inconsiderate behavior at best, antisocial behavior at worst, and it makes local streets and parks dangerous for all and inhospitable for residents and those who wish to enjoy our local amenities.

Dr. Mark Braun, Baltimore

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