For over 125 years, the Maryland State Bar Association has served as the voice of lawyers across the state from nearly every practice area, career stage, and demographic. MSBA’s nationally recognized advocacy protects the legal profession, preserves the integrity of the judicial system, and ensures access to justice for Maryland residents and businesses. MSBA improves and modernizes Maryland laws, rules, and the legal system through the cultivation of key relationships while collaborating and sharing expertise with all branches of federal, state, and local government. MSBA priorities and recent successes include:

  • Enhanced judicial and attorney security to preserve the administration of justice, protect the legal profession, and allow public servants to work without fear;
  • Updating Maryland corporation code to better support and retain Maryland businesses, clients, and lawyers;
  • Securing millions of dollars in civil legal aid funding to provide free attorneys for Marylanders facing eviction, a beneficial, cost-effective access to justice solution;
  • Making Maryland a no-fault divorce state through new grounds of “irreconcilable differences,” thereby offering a simpler path to divorce and lowering the financial burden on families.

The Maryland Access to Justice Commission, powered by the MSBA, exists to ensure the civil justice system, which deals with all non-criminal matters, like housing, consumer debt, divorce and custody, immigration and unemployment, and other benefits, is a system that is accessible, equitable, and fair for all Marylanders, not just those who can afford it. The Commission is actively working to solve the civil justice system crisis and is proud of its accomplishments over the last few years, including:

  • Increasing Civil Legal Aid Funding - A2JC has worked diligently to increase the funding for Maryland’s civil legal aid community by over $80M over the last 3 years. This means more civil legal help for those trying to navigate complex civil legal issues independently.
  • Access to Counsel in Evictions - A2JC successfully advocated for only the second state-wide access to counsel in eviction law in the country. If you are facing an eviction in Maryland and fall below a certain income, you have the right to access an attorney.

Are you interested in taking an active role in shaping Maryland law and ensuring your voice is heard? Join the MSBA on February 13, 2024, as it amplifies the voice of the legal profession at the annual MSBA Day in Annapolis. With its partner the Maryland A2JC, they continue a tradition of bringing together Maryland leaders, elected officials, and MSBA members to learn about and advocate for key priorities for the legal profession. Be a part of it! Learn more at and register for MSBA Day 2024 here!