In a world where change is the only constant, a remarkable organization stands strong and resolute in its mission. Central Scholarship Bureau, founded in 1924 by Moses Rothschild, is celebrating a century of unwavering support for students improving their lives through higher education and career training. This incredible journey is a testament to the enduring power of education, opportunity, and a commitment to equality.

Central Scholarship’s philosophy that scholarships are investments, not expenses, is a perspective that resonates deeply in today’s world. It’s a viewpoint that underscores the power of investing in education to foster economic growth, innovation, and social progress. Today, Central Scholarship curates and manages scholarship investments for individuals, families, businesses, and private foundations who wish to start, transfer, and/or grow a scholarship fund with a trusted organization. With altruism being the driving force, Central Scholarship donors value the financial incentive of giving by knowing their funds are soundly invested. Thanks to the many donors who are making a difference, Central Scholarship scholars are not mere recipients of financial aid but future contributors to their communities and fields of study.

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Throughout the decades, Central Scholarship has been a beacon of hope for students from diverse backgrounds. Its unwavering commitment to providing financial support for undergraduate, graduate, professional, and career training studies, regardless of gender, religion, race, ethnicity, or financial circumstances, is more relevant than ever. Forged over the course of a century, this legacy of equal opportunity and inclusivity includes interest-free loans and supplemental funding for wrap-around services that help eliminate roadblocks that students face while pursuing post-secondary education or employment opportunities. In addition, by providing College Cash®, a series of free informational seminars that focuses on college affordability, federal and state student funding, private scholarships, and understanding student loans, individuals and families can better navigate the educational process allowing students to pursue their dreams.

Supporting over 300 students annually, the impact of this organization can be seen in the countless success stories of its alumni, who have enriched our world through their education and aspirations. In an era when the cost of higher education continues to rise, the organization’s role in ensuring that talented, motivated individuals can access quality education is more critical than ever. Awarding one million in scholarships and interest-free loans annually, the organization’s century of impact stands as a testament to its relevance and influence, and its track record of upholding the values of education and equality makes it a worthy candidate for continued support.

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As Central Scholarship celebrates its 100th year, it is not merely a milestone but a call to action, a call to support the next generation of scholars, and a commitment to another hundred years of transforming lives through education. To learn how you can support Central Scholarship’s Centennial Celebration, visit and help light the way for another century of hope and a future full of promise!

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