BGE supports Maryland’s ambitious goal of achieving net zero carbon emissions by 2045, legislated by the Climate Solutions Now Act of 2022. The company is committed to a clean and sustainable future, as well as ensuring an equitable and affordable energy transition to benefit all Marylanders.

Significant electrification – in transportation, buildings, and industry – is necessary to make this goal happen. But to balance affordability for customers and equity for our communities, the state should leverage the capabilities of an Integrated Energy System, one that includes significant electrification throughout the state but also relies on the natural gas system as a backup.

By including gas as a backup, needed during the coldest winter days, we will prevent $15 billion in additional costs that would be necessary to pursue full electrification. This cost does not account for the thousands of dollars every homeowner would need to spend to upgrade their properties’ electric wiring and switch from gas-fueled appliances (like hot water heaters, boilers, and stoves) to electric options.

Both pathways get the state to net zero carbon emissions by 2045 – and both are expensive. The investment is necessary as we face more extreme weather brought by climate change. This is why every avenue to make the energy transition as affordable as possible must be seriously considered.

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Additional benefits of an Integrated Energy System include requiring less expansion of electric infrastructure – which mean less disruption to customers and Maryland’s economy – and the preservation of future flexibility and choices.

By maintaining both the electric and gas systems, newer technologies and innovations can be added tested and used on the path to net zero. If the technology fails to deliver promised results, electrification can be accelerated.

BGE second multi-year energy infrastructure plan lays the foundation for the grid of the future powered by an Integrated Energy System; on December 14, the Maryland Public Service Commission issued an order approving BGE’s plan.

The PSC’s order represents a balanced and reasonable outcome that will provide many benefits to customers and the State. The hundreds of gas and electric projects and maintenance programs in the multi-year plan will position BGE to continue providing safe, reliable, and affordable services to customers, while laying the foundation for the grid of the future.

BGE will continue to engage with the Commission, our customers, and other key stakeholders to ensure transparency and clarity as we work collectively to achieve net zero in Maryland.