Presenting at a conference or industry tradeshow is an opportunity to give a formal lecture or presentation in your area of expertise to an audience consisting of peers, colleagues, and industry experts → giving your research the spotlight and recognition it deserves. It’s a unique platform for professionals to showcase their industry prowess, establish themselves as an authority in their field, and leverage it for professional and business growth.

The Maryland State Bar Association (MSBA) is seeking Program Proposals for Legal Summit 2024 - a premier education and professional development conference for Maryland attorneys and the greater legal community in the state. Leading an educational seminar at Legal Summit presents an opportunity to share your knowledge, research, or innovative ideas with a captive audience and contribute to disseminating knowledge in Maryland law. Instructors can gain insight from presenters, broaden their professional network, and increase visibility and credibility within the community.

Dedication, determination, and drive, power meetings at Maryland Legal Summit.

Presenting at a conference can offer a wide range of personal and professional benefits. Here are some of the key advantages:

  1. Expertise and Credibility: Speaking at a business event positions you as an authority in your field. It enhances your professional reputation and credibility, making you a trusted source of knowledge and insights. Attending and speaking at industry-specific events allows you to stay updated on the latest trends, innovations, and developments in your field - leveling up your competence and credibility.
  2. Brand Visibility: Speaking engagements provide a platform to showcase your personal or company brand. Your name and expertise become associated with the event, increasing your visibility within your sphere of influence.
  3. Professional Development: Preparing and delivering a presentation at a tradeshow or conference can strengthen your public speaking, presentation, and communication skills. It encourages personal growth and elevates your confidence. It can lead to career advancement opportunities, recognition from superiors, and a competitive edge in the job market.
  4. Media Exposure: Depending on the event’s size and importance, speaking engagements can attract media attention, leading to interviews, features, or articles about you or your company/organization.
  5. Personal Fulfillment: Sharing your knowledge and experiences with others is a rewarding experience that can boost your self-esteem and sense of accomplishment. Being a speaker at a business event differentiates you from competitors and distinguishes you as a thought leader or industry expert.
  6. Giving Back: Sharing your expertise with others helps contribute to the professional development of your peers and the business community. It’s an opportunity to give back and contribute to the success of your colleagues.
The best ideas come to life at the Maryland State Bar Association’s Legal Summit.

MSBA is seeking programs on a wide range of substantive legal matters and topics of concern to the legal community to deepen our membership expertise and provide them with opportunities to forge bonds through panel discussions, workshops, and interactive presentations. For 2024, MSBA is solely concentrated on providing conference attendees with the actionable knowledge and industry tools needed to unlock new levels of success for their practice, career track, and client roster. Be a part of it - present at Legal Summit!

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PRIORITY DEADLINE- Monday December 4, 2023

Preference is given to all Legal Summit proposals submitted before December 4, 2023.

FINAL DEADLINE- Monday January 8, 2024

The final Call for Programs deadline is January 8, 2024. The MSBA planning team will review all submissions and select the lineup of programs for Legal Summit 2024. A final schedule will be available by February 2024.

MSBA 2024 Legal Summit - June 5-7, 2024

The MSBA will hold its 2024 Legal Summit on June 5-7, at the Roland E. Powell Convention Center in Ocean City, Maryland. Speakers must appear in person at the Convention Center for their presentation. Programs not selected for our in-person event in Ocean City may be selected for our virtual learning event, “Legal Summit Series,” offered during Summer 2024.

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