One of the six officers charged after the death of Freddie Gray in 2015 has been tapped for the Public Integrity Bureau of the Baltimore Police Department.

Capt. Alicia White will move from the department’s Anti-Crime Section/Gun Violence Unit effective Sunday, the department said in a news release. White will work on probes of complaints filed by the public against Baltimore Police officers.

White’s name became nationally known in the spring of 2015 when Gray was arrested by the Baltimore Police Department over his legal possession of a knife. Gray sustained injuries while in police custody on April 15, 2015, and died four days later. Gray’s death was ascribed to injuries to his cervical spinal cord.

A native of West Baltimore, White was among the officers charged after Gray, 25, died.

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Prosecutors dropped manslaughter and other charges against White after three of the officers went to trial and were acquitted by a judge. None of the six was convicted in Gray’s death.

Former Baltimore Police Commissioner Kevin Davis then dismissed all administrative charges against White. She was the first officer to speak out after the case, telling The Baltimore Sun in November 2016 that she believed she followed procedure.

After an investigation of Gray’s death, the U.S. Department of Justice opted not to bring charges against the officers. According to federal authorities, White arrived to the scene to investigate a complaint about a fight made earlier that day by an anonymous caller.

The law firm of William H. “Billy” Murphy Jr. negotiated a $6.4 million settlement with the city over Gray’s death.

White’s move was one of six announced Friday by Police Commissioner Richard Worley.

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“I am proud of each of these promotees and command members,” Worley said in a statement. “Their diligence, dedication and professionalism are commendable. I am looking forward to our continued efforts in reforming the Department, improving police-community relations and working toward full compliance with the Consent Decree.”

All promotions and command changes go into effect Feb. 11.

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