Contractors for Baltimore’s Department of Public Works are investigating a 20-inch water main break in Locust Point.

The department first publicized the break just before 1 p.m. on Tuesday. They said it is in the 600 block area of E. Fort Ave. in Locust Point. Fort Avenue is closed between Webster Street and Covington Street.

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Jennifer Combs, a spokesperson for the department, said it was too soon to say how the main broke or how long it may take for it to be fully repaired.

She said the number of affected people is “quite low” and that the department has not seen a “considerable” amount of water outages reported. Combs said it’s possible that everyone may still have water service, the pressure could just be low.

Crews are still in the early stages of work, Combs said, and they have not dug into the ground yet.

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