Maryland Gov. Wes Moore to be guest splasher during Orioles’ prime time game Sunday

Published 7/29/2023 6:16 p.m. EDT, Updated 7/29/2023 6:19 p.m. EDT

On Friday, former Orioles star Adam Jones returned to Camden Yards to be the first guest splasher in the Bird Bath.

Now, Maryland Gov. Wes Moore is getting a turn.

Moore will be the guest splasher on Sunday as the Orioles face the Yankees on “Sunday Night Baseball” on ESPN, their first time hosting the national broadcast since 2018.

The Bird Bath started in May, stemming from a clubhouse joke. The Orioles’ water-based celebrations were already gaining attention among fans — a faucet for singles, sprinkler for extra bases and hose for homers. Pitcher Cole Irvin sarcastically brought up the idea of a splash zone, and soon enough it became a legit section.

The Bird Bath opened for business May 12. Mr. Splash, clad in floaties and armed with a hose, douses fans every home game after extra-base hits, impressive plays or really anytime he feels like it.

On Friday, Jones took the job seriously. He ran through an Orioles banner with pump-up music blasting through the speakers, pieing Mr. Splash on his way to the throne. Jones was the guest splasher for two innings, hosing off fans often before handing the hose back to Mr. Splash.

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