Late stoppage in Ravens’ win vs. Bengals was ‘precautionary,’ unrelated to drone

The team would not say whether it is investigating the drone that delayed the first half at M&T Bank Stadium on Thursday

Published 11/17/2023 2:30 a.m. EST, Updated 11/17/2023 4:08 a.m. EST

The Ravens knew the Cincinnati Bengals’ aerial attack could give them headaches Thursday night. They couldn’t have expected problems with a drone, though.

The Ravens’ 34-20 win at M&T Bank Stadium was twice interrupted by what Prime Video’s telecast called “administrative” issues. Late in the first half, the game was stopped for several minutes after a drone was spotted flying over the stadium.

According to a team source who requested anonymity because they were not authorized to speak publicly on the matter, the game resumed after the person flying the drone brought it down. The Ravens declined to comment on whether they’re investigating the matter further.

Midway through the second half, the game was halted briefly again, with broadcaster Al Michaels again attributing the delay to a drone as officials cleared the field. According to the Ravens, that stoppage was “precautionary” and unrelated to the presence of a drone.

“We heard there were drones,” Ravens coach John Harbaugh said Thursday night. “Is that what you guys heard? We saw them up there. That’s a first. I thought I’d seen it all with the Super Bowl, with the lights going out at the Super Bowl. Now we have drones flying around.”

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