The Baltimore State’s Attorney’s Office on Tuesday dropped the case against a man who had been accused of shooting two squeegee workers after his mother reported that people who were washing windows stole more than $2,000 from her using Cash App.

Assistant State’s Attorney Jennifer Brady told Baltimore Circuit Judge Jeannie Hong that she had exhausted all avenues in trying to locate one of the men to testify against Zhamiel Dixon, 26, of Northeast Baltimore. He was set to stand trial on charges that included two counts of attempted first-degree murder.

Brady said she did not have enough to request a body attachment warrant for sheriff’s deputies to bring the man to court. Meanwhile, she said, the other man suffered a traumatic brain injury and experiences seizures.

“He’s always denied it,” said Jason Silverstein, Dixon’s attorney, in an interview. “He should be out today.”

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On May 19, 2022, Baltimore Police reported that Dixon approached three squeegee workers on Moravia Road and Sinclair Lane in Frankford and offered them several hundred dollars to move some items.

Dixon then drove them in a pickup and parked in an alley near Edmondson Avenue and North Warwick Avenue in West Baltimore, detectives asserted. That’s when, police claim, he asked, “Who did this to my mom? Who took the money the other day?”

Next, Dixon pulled out a handgun and started shooting, police alleged, hitting one man, 24, in the neck, and another, 18, in the head.

Law enforcement reported that they listened to jail phone calls between Dixon and his brother, Adonay, who believed that squeegee workers had stolen money from their mother, Sandra. Detectives learned that she filed a police report the previous day alleging that she gave her cellphone to three squeegee workers who then used Cash App to transfer $2,200 to their accounts.

Earlier this year, Baltimore started enforcing a ban on window washing at six highly trafficked intersections.

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Dixon has been held without bail in the Baltimore Central Booking & Intake Center.