Josh Charles was on the picket line Thursday to show solidarity with his fellow SAG-AFTRA members as the actors’ union calls for pay increases and restrictions on the use of artificial intelligence in TV and movies. And he did so showing solidarity with the first-place Baltimore Orioles.

Charles, a Baltimore native, was photographed picketing outside the Manhattan offices of Netflix and Warner Bros. wearing a “SAG-AFTRA STRONG” T-shirt and the familiar black and orange of an Orioles cap. It shouldn’t come as a surprise, though, since Charles is an outspoken Orioles and Ravens die-hard.

This fashion choice — in the heart of New York Yankees country, no less — did not go unnoticed by another striking Baltimorean in the entertainment business.

Writer David Simon, whose Writers Guild of America is striking against the Alliance of Motion Picture and Television Producers for similar reasons, praised Charles’ cap. In a tweet, Simon shared an undated photo of the actor and said he, too, has been sporting a cartoon bird hat while sticking it to the man.

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In Simon’s view, the young, upstart Orioles, who reached the top of the division standings Wednesday after an 8-5 win over the Los Angeles Dodgers, are representative of the striking writers and actors.

“Fear the bird, #AMPTP,” he tweeted. “We are off the chain and anything can happen this year.”

“That’s what’s up!” Charles agreed in a quote tweet before unleashing a hashtag salad of local signifiers: “#faidleys #snowballs #eggcustard #marshmallow #costasinn #utz #nattyboh #bergercookies #softshell #hardshell #oldbay.”