Former Orioles All-Star Adam Jones played his last opening day game at Camden Yards in 2018. Since then, he has strengthened his ties to the club, from being honored with a retirement ceremony last year to being a guest coach at spring training to talking baseball with current Orioles on The Adam Jones Podcast.

Ahead of the 2024 season opener, we asked Jones to make Orioles predictions. Jones and co-host Jerry Coleman shared their predictions on this week’s episode of the podcast, which also includes an interview with Orioles outfielder Colton Cowser. The rookie shares the one thing he hopes doesn’t happen on opening day.

Here are five questions with Jones.

What’s your prediction for the 2024 Orioles?

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Jones: My predictions for the Orioles this season are much different than last year. I felt that the 2023 club was a growing team that would face the typical challenges customary with a young team. They made the entire world shut up when they went out there and played team baseball. I said they would be 82-80 last year, and they went 101-61. So this year I’m going with my prediction of being 92-70; please shut me up again. They have to defend the AL East, and I have them competing for it again this year.

Who is your pick for Most Valuable Oriole?

Jones: That’s a tough question because I feel a lot of guys will be in that conversation. I honestly think the addition of Corbin Burnes will be a tremendous leadership move on the field and, even more importantly, off the field. He’s an All-Star, a Cy Young Award winner. He’s been there and done that, and he’s prepared properly. I think that’s going to rub off on so many guys and make them better, which will also make him better, so he’s my most valuable Oriole.

Who’s the better outfield duo in their prime: Austin Hays and Cedric Mullins or you and Nick Markakis?

Jones: I don’t believe you can go wrong either way because all four of us have such pride in our defense that I think either combination would be great. Of course, I’m going to put 2110 Eutaw St. ahead of anybody because that was my guy for seven years and we were able to win a Gold Glove together, so that right there puts us in a different ballpark. As I watch Mullins and Hays, I root them on tremendously and I hope that they’re able to get some hardware in the future because they bring it every single day, just like me and Markakis did.

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If you were a veteran on this year’s team, what would be your message to the other players?

Jones: I’d have a very, very simple motivational speech: ”Buckle up, boys. Let’s go along for the ride. It’s a long season. Let’s prepare and let’s grind, no excuses, just results. Let’s be the last one hoisting it up at the end of the day.”

What do you remember about your last opening day in Baltimore?

Jones: In 2018, my final opening day in Baltimore ended with me hitting a walk-off home run and what a celebration It was. I don’t think it would’ve left with the new dimensions, so I probably would’ve had a double! (laughs) But what I remember was a city behind me and a city understanding, this is probably my final year in this uniform, and understanding that I gave them my all.

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