Baltimore Ravens cornerback Marlon Humphrey said that starting wide receiver Odell Beckham Jr. and Tennessee Titans defensive end Jeffery Simmons got into a fight at the conclusion of the team’s 24-16 win Sunday in London.

In a conversation during his “Punch Line Podcast,” Humphrey stated that he heard someone yelling for a Ravens security guard.

“I turn around, Odell and Jeffery are like fighting,” Humphrey said on the podcast. “Bro, I’m pretty sure Odell is grabbing his facemask like they had to get separated and everything. I don’t know how this has not hit the media.”

Wire service Getty Images captured photos of Ravens defensive tackle Justin Madubuike getting between Beckham and Simmons after the game as staffers and other players moved in to separate the two.

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Things between Beckham and Simmons initially got heated with just under five minutes left in the second quarter after the defensive lineman dove at the knees of Ravens rookie receiver Zay Flowers, who was already wrapped up by two Titans defenders and was practically stopped because of forward progress.

After the play, Beckham appeared to knee Simmons, who retaliated by throwing a punch and knocking the star receiver to the ground. Simmons was flagged for a personal foul right after.

Flowers was not seriously injured on the play. Addressing reporters on Wednesday, Beckham confirmed that Simmons’ hit on the first-year receiver was what sparked his reaction on the field Sunday.

“I watched him look at the play, then look at Zay’s legs and try to dive on it,” Beckham said. “And I just didn’t like that. I’m going to protect him, this is my guy, this is my little bro, [I] love him to death and I’m always going to have his back. Period. And if that leads me into trouble, it is what it is. I just didn’t like that; that’s all it was.”

Beckham didn’t directly address the reported postgame fight, saying “we’re on to Detroit,” when asked about it.

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“It’s nothing really to talk about. This will be water under the bridge. It’s probably just a small hot topic right now, but it’s dead,” Beckham said. “There’s nothing to talk about.”

Humphrey said on his podcast that Simmons afterward looked like “he wanted the fade,” meaning he was looking for somebody to harm in the postgame scrum on the field.

“We got on a helmet, shoulder pads; we’re out here playing football,” Beckham said when asked about Simmons. “This is not MMA or nothing; we’re football players. That’s it.”

The Ravens improved to 4-2, and they host the 5-1 Lions on Sunday. Beckham said that’s been the team’s focus since the final whistle in the win against the Titans.

“It was dead when we won,” Beckham said. “[We] sent them on the way home, we had a great flight home and we come in here and watch the film and are worried about Detroit. We’re not worried about them. See them in the playoffs? Maybe. That’s it. Other than that, we’re worried about Detroit.”

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