You may not know the name Reggie Travers, but chances are you have seen him performing on social media.

Travers, known by his social media name “Girl He Funny,” is a Baltimore comedian that has frequently gone viral for his humorous skits that he posts for his 543,000 followers. His skits often mock a range of things including how rappers sound while they make music, fashion trends and people being upset on holidays.

Fame could be overwhelming for someone who celebrated their 20th birthday just last week, but not for Travers who remains cool as can be.

“I just like chilling and being asleep,” said Travers. “That’s how I stay so humble and cool. I’m just like everybody else.”

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Being “just like everybody else” is also how the young comedian approaches making people laugh. He said that his comedic style is “relatable because people can see themselves or know somebody who is saying or doing the same thing.” Travers often ridicules himself for things that others may be too embarrassed to share, like being held back in school.

Travers graduated from Woodlawn High School in 2023, which he said he didn’t deserve congratulations for because he didn’t take it as seriously as he should have. Woodlawn is also where, in 2017, he began filming his skits and when he made the mistake of putting academics on the back burner.

School played a crucial part in Travers realizing that he had a knack for comedy. It was here that he learned to “pack” — local slang for throwing insults, but all in fun. Travers will never be mistaken as the tallest person in the room so he would often find himself on the receiving end of a “packing session” on height, or lack thereof in his case. It taught him to take matters into his own hands and pack someone before they started on him.

“When I was younger, a lot of people used to talk about me,” he said. “So that made me always want to be the one to have the power of talking about people. I always wanted to be the one to tell jokes on people instead of being the one to get joked on.”

After realizing his ability to make people laugh, Travers began filming skits where he would portray himself as a woman similarly to how comedians Martin Lawrence and Vontee, another Baltimore native, did in their comedy work. He later branched out and started including his mother in his videos in parodies on topics many teenagers have experienced, like cussing in front of your mother for the first time.

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Comedian Reggie Travers performing live standup during a comedy show. (HANDOUT)

“The focus on a lot of these skits that I record and release is just things that we see everyday in Baltimore. Whether it’s people bringing their family members into their beef or how rappers act in the studio, these type of things happen everyday.”

Travers also collaborates with other comedians in the area. Some of his most popular videos are with fellow comedian K-rock. Their natural chemistry is such that people often mistake the two as family members. “We may not be related, but that’s really my brother,” said Travers.

K-rock was just as complimentary to Travers, calling him “a great person with a bright future who is everywhere and crushing every platform.” He is “naturally funny and that forces people to pay attention to him,” K-rock said.

Despite his success, Travers is open about his struggles with self doubt and feels that his habit of smoking weed only intensifies those thoughts. “Weed is really detrimental to me, but I know I won’t stop with it,” he said. “I won’t stop ‘cause it keeps me calm, but almost to the point where I just overthink and so many bad thoughts come into my head.”

“Me being hard on myself is probably my biggest setback,” he added. “Hearing people just support me and say things like ‘You got it bro, you just got to stick with it’ really just keeps me going.”

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He gets some of that from comments on his Instagram account. “You’re a superstar” or “proud of you bro,” are just some of the examples.

Chazz Davis, a follower of Travers has been a fan of his for years. “You can always quote something he says, it makes it even better because it never gets old. That’s why I think he’s the funniest right now.”

Travers has been transitioning from only filming skits to streaming on Twitch, a livestreaming service for different forms of entertainment including gaming, and doing stand-up comedy. The multifaceted comedian will soon share the stage with K-rock and one of the people who influenced him, Vontee, on April 27 for a comedy show at 836 Guilford Ave.

“It’s in my hometown and it’s going to be one of my very first shows so I’m really practicing and taking it seriously. Telling a joke that’s actually funny and seeing people laugh is just the best feeling. It’s like a natural high seeing all these people in the room understanding me.”

Taji Burris has covered the Baltimore music scene since 2015 for outlets such as The Working Title and The 4th Quarter, and now at the Baltimore Banner.

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