Greetings, nacho aficionados. Get ready to embark on a flavor-filled adventure through the heart of Baltimore’s nacho scene. In this list, I uncover the city’s hidden gems and iconic spots, showcasing the most delectable and inventive nachos. Whether you’re a crunchy classic lover or crave bold innovations, join me as I explore Charm City’s nacho wonders.

Nacho Mama's - Birria nachos (Chris Franzoni for The Baltimore Banner)

Nacho Mama’s, Birria Nachos

2907 O’Donnell St., Baltimore

Elevate your nacho game at Nacho Mama’s with its drool-worthy birria nachos. Picture this: slow-cooked beef short rib in adobo sauce mingling with pinto beans, diced white onion and cilantro, all atop a crunchy chip masterpiece that’s served alongside a robust beef broth for your dipping enjoyment. Ready to wash it down? Grab one of the famous hubcap margaritas for the ultimate fiesta in every bite and sip. Nachos and margaritas – because life’s too short for anything less.

Shotti's Point - Ahi poke wonton nachos (Chris Franzoni for The Baltimore Banner)

Shotti’s Point, Ahi Poke Wonton Nachos

701 E. Fort Ave., Baltimore

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It’s nacho time to settle for ordinary, so head to Shotti’s Point, which is serving ahi poke wonton nachos. Sesame-seared ahi tuna takes the spotlight on a bed of crispy wonton chips, joined by creamy avocado, scallions, pickled jalapenos and a drizzle of tantalizing wasabi aioli. The finishing touch? A soy reduction that ties it all together, creating a flavor explosion that’s simply irresistible.

Barracudas - Surf-and-turf nachos (Chris Franzoni for The Baltimore Banner)

Barracudas Locust Point Tavern, Surf-and-Turf Nachos

1230 E. Fort Ave., Baltimore

Catch the flavor fiesta at Barracudas Locust Point Tavern with surf-and-turf nachos – tenderly grilled steak, crab meat and juicy shrimp ride a crunchy wave of tortilla chips slathered in cheddar cheese, tomatoes, jalapenos, black beans and sour cream – creating a taste sensation that’s simply epic. It’s nacho typical dish; it’s a flavor feast that’ll make your taste buds shout for more (but, based on the size of the plate, you won’t need them).

Riverside Taphouse - Crab Nachos
Riverside Taphouse - Crab nachos (Chris Franzoni for The Baltimore Banner)

Riverside Taphouse, Crab Nachos

1542 Light St., Baltimore

Take a flavorful voyage at Riverside Taphouse with crab nachos. Imagine crispy wontons laying the foundation for a feast of jumbo lump crab, roasted corn, tomatoes and a drizzle of creamy cheese sauce. Crowned with everything seasoning, these nachos are a savory masterpiece.

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El Bufalo - Steak Nachos
El Bufalo - Steak nachos (Chris Franzoni for The Baltimore Banner)

El Bufalo Tequila Bar and Kitchen, Steak Nachos

2921 O’Donnell St., Baltimore

Saddle up for a flavor rodeo at El Bufalo Tequila Bar and Kitchen with steak nachos – tender steak, black bean purée, pico de gallo, cheese and avocado crema on a chip highway to heaven. It’s not just nachos; it’s a Tex-Mex hoedown that’ll have your taste buds line dancing.

The Valley Inn - Super chicken nachos (Chris Franzoni for The Baltimore Banner)

The Valley Inn, Super Chicken Nachos

10501 Falls Rd., Timonium

Get ready for a flavor fiesta at The Valley Inn with its super chicken nachos. It’s like a nacho superhero squad – pulled chicken, salsa verde, queso chihuahua, black beans, cilantro lime crema and guacamole teaming up to rescue your taste buds from the ordinary.

10-can nachos from the Outpost (Chris Franzoni for The Baltimore Banner)

The Outpost, 10-Can Nachos

1032 Riverside Ave., Baltimore

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Experience nacho nirvana at The Outpost with 10-can nachos — a mouthwatering masterpiece layered in a giant can and poured tableside for your social media sharing pleasure. House-fried flour tortilla chips bear the load of pinto beans, chorizo, pickled jalapenos, tomatoes, queso, cilantro sour cream and scallions. It’s nacho madness, available in a family-size adventure that literally pours out excitement at your table.

Max's Taphouse - Baltimore Pulled Pork Nachos
Max's Taphouse - Baltimore pulled pork nachos (Chris Franzoni for The Baltimore Banner)

Max’s Taphouse on Broadway, Smoked BBQ Pulled Pork Nachos

733 S. Broadway, Baltimore

At Max’s on Broadway, you can savor the magic of smoked BBQ pulled pork nachos – a combination of tortilla chips, melted beer cheese, zesty salsa, sour cream and diced onions. Beyond the nacho delight, revel in Baltimore’s largest beer selection. And, for a spooky twist, explore the Halloween pop-up with craft cocktails, featuring its enchanting pumpkin spice espresso martini, aptly named “I’ve Seen The Devil and He Is Me.” Nacho cravings and spooky spirits, all in one place.

Little Havana - Pulled Pork Nachos
Little Havana - Pulled pork nachos (Chris Franzoni for The Baltimore Banner)

Little Havana, Pulled Pork Nachos

1325 Key Hwy., Baltimore

Dive into flavor paradise at Little Havana in Baltimore with its pulled pork nachos — tortilla chips doing the cha-cha under a fiesta of black beans, house cheese sauce, pico de gallo and fire-roasted salsa. It’s a tortilla explosion that even the seagulls will envy from above. Enjoy all this yumminess with a side of waterfront views and an all-day brunch served seven days a week. It’s definitely nacho average experience.

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Mother's - Iggi's nachos (Chris Franzoni for The Baltimore Banner)

Mother’s Federal Hill Grille, Iggi’s Nachos

1113 S. Charles St., Baltimore

Step into flavor paradise at Mother’s with Iggi’s nachos — an edible fiesta on a plate. Indulge in tortilla chips loaded like they just won the nacho lottery with chili, cheese sauce, cheddar jack cheese, salsa and a dollop of sour cream all partying together. Choose your taste adventure with classics such as chicken, steak or shrimp, or crank up the creativity with toppings such as crab dip and buffalo chicken dip. These nachos are so fun even your taste buds will high-five.

The Penthouse Club - Spicy BBQ chicken nachos (Chris Franzoni for The Baltimore Banner)

The Penthouse Club Baltimore, Spicy BBQ Chicken Nachos

615 Fallsway, Baltimore

Heat up your night at the Penthouse Club with spicy BBQ chicken nachos. Grilled chicken, BBQ sauce, buffalo sauce and mixed cheese create a tantalizing dance of flavors on crunchy chips. Served with a side of cool sour cream, these nachos are the star attraction in this adult entertainment venue, where every bite is a feast for the senses.

Chris Franzoni is a Baltimore native, resident, food fanatic and “Eater-in-Chief” of @EatMoreBeMore, which he started eight years ago with two goals – eating his way through the city and shining a positive light on the Baltimore-area restaurant and hospitality scene.

Chris Franzoni contributes content about local food and dining to The Baltimore Banner.

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