Travel & Leisure just put Annapolis 15th on its annual list of the top 25 towns to visit for Christmas for the second year in a row. The website, frankly, is late to the party. Annapolis has been a Christmas town for more than a century. Here, then, is an essential guide to the holidays in Annapolis.

In the United States, the national conference of Catholic bishops rejects the concept of gender transition, leaving many transgender Catholics feeling excluded. On Wednesday, the Vatican made public a sharply contrasting statement, saying it’s permissible, under certain circumstances, for trans Catholics to be baptized and serve as godparents.

Linda Malat Tiburzi, a survivor of the notorious child rapist John Merzbacher while a student at the Catholic Community School of Baltimore in the 1970s, died at age 62. She was an advocate for survivors of abuse and rejoiced at the release of the Office of the Maryland Attorney General’s report on child sexual abuse in the Archdiocese of Baltimore.