Age: 75

Personal: Divorced, one child.

Education: Franklin High School, studied computer programming at the college level.

Experience: More than 30 years in the information technology industry.

Endorsements: None.

Notable donors: None reported.


A: No.

A: Yes.

A: Yes.

A: Yes.

A: 1. Close the border immediately and thru 2025, at least. 2. Perform National ID Registration 3. Register all non-citizens for tracking and deportations. 4. Track overstays via airports.

A: NO. It does not stop the flow. They want to let 5,000 each day before stopping the flow. America is full-up on uninvited migrants.

A: Elect less Republicans. Tell the Democrat Progressives to lighten up. They are ruining the Party’s reputation with voters. Starting with ending immigration ...

A: It will take a comprehensive Middle East Peace Conference. The Arabs don’t like the Palestinians or Hamas. Hamas must be terminated or peace will not have a chance.

A: Ukraine, the Israeli military, civilians in Gaza.


A: The filibuster works when properly used.

A: 1. Absolute objectivity. 2. Politically independent 3. Not a religious zealot!

A: Because I am a business problem solver. See I want to be Maryland’s US Senator and a Senator for the other 49 states and DC, as well.