Age: 59

Personal: Married, daughter and grandchild.

Education: Bachelor’s degrees, national security intelligence policy, Excelsior College ; bachelor’s degree, strategic studies, Buxton University; two associate’s degrees from the community college of the Air Force.

Experience: Retired from the U.S. Air Force Reserves after 23 years; former Harford County deputy sheriff; civilian intelligence employee.

Endorsements: Chris Bruneau, Republican candidate for the 1st Congressional District.

Notable donors: None reported.


A: No.

A: No.

A: No.

A: Yes.

A: The Southern Border Crisis is the most important issue facing our nation. Failed policies have created crises in cities and towns across America and pose a grave threat to national security. As Maryland’s next Senator, I will work with the incoming Administration; advocating closure of all avenues of entry other than established Ports of Entry, enforcement of current immigration laws, and the use of attorneys and judges from throughout the Federal government to expedite asylum claims. I will introduce legislation to fix our outdated immigration laws and to impose criminal penalties on “Sanctuary Jurisdictions” who refuse to cooperate with the enforcement of Federal Immigration Laws.

A: Absolutely not. The February immigration bill would have allowed 5000 Illegal Aliens into the U.S. each day — that’s 1.5 Million a year. That number exceeds the total annual amount of immigrants allowed to enter the U.S. through legal means and rewards those that violate Federal immigration laws. Additionally, the Administration currently has the authorities necessary to end the border crisis, but choses not to exercise these authorities.

A: The Senate has failed to work in a bi-partisan manner to solve any issue facing America. Partisan politics, wielded by career politicians who forgot long ago for whom they work, has created a gridlock where nothing of substance can be accomplished. As Maryland’s next Senator, I will work with anyone – regardless of political party or affiliation – to find solutions to the problems facing Marylanders and the American people.

A: I fully support Israel’s right to self-defense; especially against terrorism. Israel was the victim of a heinous terrorist attack on October 7th, 2023. 1,269 civilians were viciously murdered in this unprovoked and cowardly act. Men and women; from infancy to the elderly; citizens of over 20 different nations – including American Citizens; all butchered for no justifiable reason. Terrorists also kidnapped 239 civilians; to be used as bargaining chips and human shields by cowards. This was not an act of combat — this was a slaughter of innocents. Israel’s response in Gaza has been deliberate, measured, and restrained. Hunting down terrorists is difficult, especially when the terrorists continue to use not only the hostages, but also the civilian population, as human shields. The loss of civilian lives in Gaza is tragic, but is a direct result of the actions of Hamas. Hamas should be encouraged to surrender and leave Gaza so that the citizens of Gaza may return to a peaceful coexistence with Israel.

A: Ukraine, the Israeli military.

A: I fully support the U.S. Constitution. The Founding Fathers understood the need for our Citizens to maintain the ability to defend themselves. Firearms offer a means of protection against threats; not only from hostile people and criminals, but also from tyranny imposed by a government. They engrained the right, “ keep and bear arms...” into the 2nd Amendment of our U.S. Constitution for just these reasons. Our Founding Fathers understood the need for citizens to maintain the ability to defend themselves against a government seeking to subdue them. Every totalitarian government in modern history has sought to disarm the population as a way in which they could be controlled. Firearm ownership in today’s society allows our citizens to defend themselves and others against out-of-control criminal activity. Criminals are less likely to commit crimes in areas where they believe the potential victim may be armed. Responsible firearms ownership should not be infringed.

A: I would support maintaining the Filibuster. The Filibuster has a long and storied history in American legislative history and serves a vital role to ensure that minority voices are heard and that opposing opinions are considered. While there have occasionally been abuses of the original intent of the Filibuster, its continued existence must be preserved.

A: The three most important factors to consider for confirmation of Supreme Court Justices and Federal Judges are as follows: 1) The Nominee’s judicial record related to interpretation of the Constitution. 2) The Nominee’s record of decisions overruled by higher courts. 3) The Nominee’s record of attempts to legislate from the bench.

A: I’m not a Politician; I’m a Public Servant. Good people cannot continue to sit on the sidelines and do nothing. I have spent my entire adult life in the defense of Marylanders and of the nation. My experience and expertise have given me a unique perspective on how National-level decision-makers make policies that affect us every day. I will not never choose politics over those who have entrusted me to represent them. My votes in the Senate will be consistent with the views and interests of Marylanders first. Our Nation faces serious problems, and it’s going to take serious people; working in a non-partisan way; to solve them. Politicians aren’t interested in solving our problems. They are only concerned with telling you who’s to blame for them and maintaining their power and positions. Marylanders deserve better. I pledge to work with anyone — regardless of political party or affiliation — to find solutions to this nation’s problems. Marylanders have voted for career politicians for decades. How’s that working out for us? Have they solved anything? Has your life improved? If the answer to these questions is no, then perhaps it’s time we did something different. It’s time for a change.