Age: 41

Personal: One son.

Education: Bachelor’s degree, political science and administration; master’s degree, legal studies, American University; advanced business strategy degree from Cornell Johnson Graduate School of Management. Certified systems and network engineer.

Experience: Managing director of a U.S.-international business council; treasurer of a trade organization; advisor and consultant on business and intelligence issues.

Endorsements: None.

Notable donors: None reported.


A: No.

A: No.

A: Yes.

A: Yes.

A: Yes, there is absolutely a crisis at our southern border. First and foremost, we must secure our Southern border and prevent the flow of illegal immigrants into our communities. We must implement strong enforcement measures against illegal immigration. As the child of immigrants who came to this country the right way, I know the American Dream well and will fight for it daily.

A: I would have voted yes if better, clearer amendments were included to control the Borders and not just create a bill for publicity without meaningful action to stop the influx on our borders. It represented a step closer to addressing the complexities of our immigration system. It presented some border security with humanitarian considerations, promoting fairness and efficiency in our immigration processes. It reflects the potential compromises necessary to enact meaningful reform. I believe in finding practical solutions that benefit our nation and those seeking an actual safe harbor, keeping the American Interest first. It would be great to work with all parties to devise a permanent solution, not just a bill that could have been an executive order.

A: We should have a balanced budget. It’s a matter of fiscal responsibility and a commitment to ensuring our nation’s long-term prosperity and stability. By prioritizing spending and finding areas where we can cut waste and inefficiency, we can achieve a balanced budget while still meeting the needs of our citizens and investing in our future. A balanced budget isn’t just a goal; it’s a fundamental principle of sound governance we must uphold to secure a better tomorrow for all Americans. I would have tried to work on passing an initial clean bill that keeps away from contested issues and unpacks the other items to be passed separately when fiscally responsible line items are included.



A: I do not support a national ban on legal military-style semiautomatic rifles. Such a ban would unfairly penalize law-abiding citizens and infringe upon their Second Amendment rights. Instead, we should focus on comprehensive measures addressing Illegal guns, mental health, enforcing existing gun laws, and improving background checks to keep firearms out of the hands of those who pose a danger to society. Targeting specific types of firearms ignores the root causes of violence and fails to address the complexities of the issue. We must uphold the constitutional rights of responsible gun owners while pursuing effective solutions to enhance public safety.

A: I firmly support keeping the filibuster intact. The filibuster serves as a crucial safeguard against the tyranny of the majority, ensuring that legislation undergoes thorough debate and consideration before enactment. It encourages bipartisanship and consensus-building, fostering a deliberative process that respects the diverse viewpoints of all Americans. Eliminating the filibuster would undermine the principles of checks and balances fundamental to our democratic system, paving the way for partisan agendas to steamroll over minority voices. Upholding the filibuster preserves the integrity of our legislative process and promotes stability and accountability in governance.

A: When considering the confirmation of Supreme Court justices and federal judges, three factors come to mind: judicial experience, integrity, and intelligence. First, judicial experience ensures nominees possess the necessary legal insight and understanding of precedent to interpret the law fairly and effectively. Second, integrity is essential, guaranteeing nominees uphold the highest ethical standards and remain impartial in their decision-making. Lastly, intelligence is crucial, enabling judges to navigate complex legal issues and render well-reasoned judgments. By prioritizing these factors, we ensure the judiciary maintains its integrity and upholds the rule of law for all Americans.

A: I am running for Senate to provide a refreshing alternative to the career politician mold. I bring a unique blend of honesty, leadership, and an exceptional ability to navigate the complex political spectrum to deliver results. As the Managing Director and Treasurer of a well-known US International Business Council, I’ve been instrumental in advancing investment in American states and cities, demonstrating my capability to forge cross-border partnerships that benefit the US economy. My campaign is rooted in a vision for a united America where economic growth and national security ensure freedom and opportunity for all. Having lived across the globe, I’ve seen the power of our democratic values and the importance of safeguarding them. Together, let’s champion a brighter future for Maryland and the nation.