Age: 39

Personal: Married.

Education: High school and vocational training.

Experience: Has worked in information technology and served as a volunteer on a Comic Con International committee, voting on policies, procedures and events.

Endorsements: None.

Notable donors: None reported.


A: No.

A: No.

A: Yes.

A: Yes.

A: There is. We have a massive number of refugees and immigrants, and nowhere near enough resources to help process their cases. We need to overhaul the immigration process and get a proper modern infrastructure in place to handles the modern situation.

A: No. it doesn’t go far enough to solve the problem.

A: If I could, I would remove those in office who believe that taking the government hostage is in any way an acceptable means of getting their way. Short of that, I don’t know what CAN be done, but I would work with my colleagues to find a solution.

A: Advocate for a regime change in the Israeli government, and for the destruction of Hamas and the Palestinian Authority. When we send humanitarian aid to the people of Palestine, make sure it actually gets to the people and is not taken by Hamas and the P.A.

A: Ukraine, civilians in Gaza

A: No. At best a ban will only make millions of Americans into criminals. What CAN be done is to ensure that there is a more robust background approval process to make sure those obtaining firearms can be trusted to handle them responsibly and safely, as well as to make sure things fall more in line with the 2nd Amendment. A Well Regulated Militia.

A: I am uncertain where I fall on this issue. I support modernizing the process. What worked 200 years ago doesn’t work today.

A: 1. What does their past record look like? 2. Are they religious? 3. Do they support the idea of being given a term limit?

A: I’m running because I got sick of my voice going unheard, sick of being represented by people who are completely out of touch with what the average American wants and needs. Vote for me if you want your voice to be heard. I will represent what Marylanders actually want, and will spend most of my off-time reaching out to find out exactly what that is on any given issue.