Age: 53

Personal: Mother of a daughter in college.

Education: Bachelor’s degree, public policy, Duke University; graduate of University of Maryland School of Law.

Experience: Prince George’s County executive since 2018; two terms as Prince George’s County state’s attorney; former executive director of the Revenue Authority of Prince George’s County; former assistant state’s attorney.

Endorsements: Gov. Wes Moore; Lt. Gov. Aruna Miller; U.S. Sen. Chris Van Hollen; U.S. Reps. John Sarbanes, Glenn Ivey, Steny Hoyer and Kweisi Mfume; Emily’s List: 1199 SEIU.

Notable donors: Melinda Gates; former Baltimore State’s Attorney Gregg Bernstein; former UMBC President Freeman Hrabowski; former District of Columbia Mayor Adrian Fenty.

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A: No.

A: No.

A: Yes.

A: Yes.

A: I will be a strong advocate for comprehensive immigration reform to mend the broken immigration system and alleviate the situation at the border. This reform will include creating a pathway to citizenship for those already living and working in the United States and mechanisms to speed asylum claims processing. I will fervently support initiatives such as The American Dream and Promise Act, aimed at safeguarding the rights and future of DREAMers and TPS recipients. I firmly believe that these individuals deserve certainty and security, regardless of who holds the office of the President.

A: Yes, I would have voted for the bipartisan immigration bill. The bill was the best chance we have had in recent memory to help provide relief to the crisis at our border while finding a humane solution for those who are in our country currently. While it was not a perfect bill — I believe it should have gone further to create pathways to citizenship and protect our immigrant communities — it was a good step forward. Senate Republicans, the same ones that Larry Hogan seeks to work with, showed that they are beholden to one person above all in voting against the legislation: Donald Trump.

A: As a County Executive, I know all too well the importance of maintaining a budget. There are far too few in the Senate who understand the real, everyday implications of Washington’s inability to pass budgets consistently than a County Executive. My lived experience of being an Executive will be invaluable in these discussions.

A: I believe that the brutal attack on innocent Israelis on October 7 was horrific, and the threat of Hamas should be removed from the world. Hamas must return the hostages to their families and we must move quickly towards a ceasefire. I believe that the United States and all other nations should do everything in our power to stop the indiscriminate killing of innocent civilians in Gaza, deliver much needed aid to the Palestinian people, further prevent the humanitarian crisis that is growing and move towards a postwar two state solution where Israelis and Palestinians can live in peace and security.

A: Ukraine, the Israeli military, civilians in Gaza.

A: I have personally witnessed the devastating effects of gun violence and the immense pain and destruction it inflicts on the community, both in my roles as a prosecutor and County Executive. I firmly believe that the current gun laws are inadequate in preventing guns from falling into the wrong hands, whether it’s criminals, individuals with mental instability, domestic abusers, or even children. As a mother, I have been deeply affected by the tragic loss of too many children to gun violence and am frustrated by the lack of action from Washington. I am committed to fighting for essential gun safety legislation to protect children and communities from school shootings, mass shootings, and other gun violence. I would absolutely support a national ban on military-style semi-automatic rifles, as well as implementing universal background checks, closing the gun show loophole and maintaining the prohibition on bump stocks. Additionally, I support the implementation of red flag laws to prevent dangerous individuals from acquiring firearms. I am proud to have the support of groups like Moms Demand Action in this race, and will fight to make sure the Senate does everything it can to prevent more lives from being lost by senseless violence.

A: I believe the filibuster must be eliminated so that Washington stops playing politics with people’s lives. Last year, we watched a United States Senator jeopardize the safety of our nation by holding up military appointments because he did not want service members to have access to reproductive care. When we eliminate the filibuster, we will be able to pass common sense legislation, like the John Lewis Voting Rights Act, the For the People Act, legislation to codify Roe v Wade, and a national ban on military-style semi-automatic rifles

A: It is so important that we restore confidence in the Supreme Court as an institution. Thanks to Senate Republicans playing partisan politics with the Court, confidence in the institution is at an all-time low. As a Senator, I would work to ensure that any justice to the Court evaluates cases fairly without bending to the influence of partisan politics. I would consider experience, integrity, and diversity when considering candidates for the Supreme Court.

A: I am a proud, lifelong Marylander. I am running for the Senate because I believe every Marylander deserves the first chance at success. In the Senate, I’ll make that my mission by fighting to fight to create jobs, bring down the cost of living and promote pathways to building generational wealth, improve our healthcare system and strengthen our kids’ education. I have spent my life in public service, first as an Assistant State’s Attorney focused on domestic violence cases, then as State’s Attorney, where under my tenure violent crime dropped by 50%, and most recently as Prince George’s County Executive. As County Executive, we have made record investments in giving individuals a first chance at success, from building new schools and the county’s first standalone cancer center and mental health and addiction care facility, to making significant investments in communities that had been left behind. I know Marylanders deserve a Senator who not only fights for them, but understands the kitchen table issues and shares their concerns. I am running for Senate to be a voice for families like the ones I grew up with and whom I have worked for throughout my life.