Age: 39

Personal: Single, no children. Lives in Gardenville in Northeast Baltimore.

Education: Some college.

Experience: Grassroots vocational programs for youth.


A: No, due to not properly supervising the program safe streets, nor bring the additional infrastructure that was needed!

A: My administration would combat these problems with supported efforts of what the sheriff’s department is doing, create or scout effective civic programs that reach the people and can show the work in the results they get!

A: Become more business oriented, unfortunately something you can’t teach.

A: I’m influence the thought, but I don’t want to cut the rates versus eliminating them. We can raise monies on the behalf of the government in various of ways without always taxing the people.

A: Yes, mainly for preventing methods of devastating events even air born plagues.

A: Influence the housing topic, I would simple put more scouting and recruiting manpower on the ground in the community to reach hopefully the ones who didn’t come to the solution pot on there own.

A: What I am influencing in Make Baltimore Livable Again, is an open dialog that helps the residents become stakeholders of the community and does business and cure homelessness through our plans.

A: Do business with the residents, find ways to support and set up business potential cutting the deficit in have with a. The right business and or b. With a quantity of people who are willing to open business in the city!

A: No, the harbor is and will always be a tourist and capital gain in any harbor 1st. Secondary living. Downtown for a reason, also the exclusivity makes it competitive and privilege to live there. It’s not a gathering ground to stay no matter the creed or color.

A: No the bikers money to go towards competitive construction companies to make the streets better.

A: I’m already giving the people results, with influence the governor even being a Republican is impressive. If athletes deserve the best we have to offer, so do the citizens, on the public held office positions. Moore 4 Baltimore is just that and for the people who live in our dear city.