Age: 29

Personal: Single. Father to two small children.

Education: Graduated from Friendship Academy of Science and Technology.

Experience: CEO of ABM Direct Marketing Group.

Endorsements: The DMV Daily


A: As Mayor I would not continue the GVRS because crime has gone up in the west and south parts of Baltimore city by 13% and residents still don’t feel safe. As Mayor I would stop the program and do my administrations plan to lower crime in the city of Baltimore. As far as the Mayors office of neighborhood and safety and engagement we will do an investigation into it to make sure it aligns with my plan for Baltimores Safety plan if it doesn’t we will stop it as well.

A: As Mayor My Administration will address the root causes of homicides and gun violence by investing into people and communities that have had no real investment in them by Investing into Vacant Homes/Business. Investing into schools by giving everyone 21st century buildings, investing into incarcerated individuals before they come home by giving them a opportunity to learn a skill and take care of there families to avoid going back into the street life and that families can be families again. When we make those type of investments into our residents homicides and gun violence will go down tremendously. Also Mayor Freeman doesn’t negotiate with criminals you do the crime you will do the time!

A: As Mayor to improve the prosperity of Baltimore residents we have to address the Quality of life crimes and treat them the same as any other crime. As Mayor we will enforce loitering, illegal dumping, holding parents accountable for there children’s behavior etc.

A: Yes I support the cut of property tax rates. However my administration has a plan to reduce property tax by 6% without having to raise taxes by the end of my first term.

A: I believe that ARPA funds are not being accoladed in the best interest of the residents. We receive this money to recover from the global pandemic and yet almost four years later we still are suffering. The investments that should be sustained are fixing up schools, rebuilding neighborhoods, less homeless individuals.

A: As Mayor I would ensure the city has enough affordable housing by fixing the houses that the city owns and making them affordable for the current economy that we are living in. People are losing there homes because they can’t make ends meet and it’s unacceptable. As mayor my priority will be to create a city where you can afford your bills and still enjoy the life that as Americans we deserve to live.

A: We need to put raise property taxes for slum landlords and give them a reasonable time limit to do something with the property. If not then the city should take over and fix them up and make them available for residents to take ownership of them so that they can create generational wealth in there families.

A: The city should have an outside audit done and that’s what I will do when elected mayor in my first 90 days. We have to figure out what got us to this point and hold people accountable for any type of corruption or scandals that would even get us to the point of a 2 billon dollar deficit.

A: No I do not support the Harborplace plans as proposed and as Mayor I would put a stop to it. I feel that the current plan proposed would only drive more violence in our city in an area that is meant for families to enjoy there selves. We could use that same money to address vacant homes and homelessness is our city.

A: I believe In accommodating roadways for all. However I believe the complete streets plan should be discussed with all residents to reduce the conflict of the entire program. Having residents input is key because some residents want them and some don’t want them in there neighborhoods so we have to create the balance.

A: Voters should elect me because I know that I’m the Change Agent to move our city forward into the future. As Mayor I will make common sense decisions that will benefit all residents and work with communities to get results. For example I wouldn’t have gave Dr. Sonja Santelises a raise and award like Mayor Brandon Scott did. I would have asked her to resign and if she didn’t I would work with the school board to remove her and hire somebody who’s going to do the job effectively and efficiently. I would ask the voters we keep electing people from the city hall pool. Has your life gotten better in the past 50 years? If the answer is no vote Wendell Hill-Freeman on may 14th and I promise we will see real change by the end of my first year. Time to put You the People First!